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Retargeting is where the real money is made.

But with the ever-growing competition on the Facebook Ads Market, it's important to be ahead of the curve and use new retargeting strategies your competitors might not be using.

Here are 3 unique retargeting ideas to help increase sales!

1. The Ladder

Scarcity is a powerful tool to get people to buy a product.

If you know you won’t be able to get something tomorrow it makes the product just that much more valuable in our eyes.

Scarcity shouldn’t just be used solely to improve conversions in your store… You should use it in your retargeting ads. This is where the ladder comes in.

Here you create specific creatives saying “5 days left” , “4 days left” all the way to “Sale Ends Today” and you show these ads in a 5 day period to your retargeting list in the ladder.

Here’s how to set it up:

Create a custom audience of people who’ve visited the site 5 days ago -> Sale Ends Today

Create a custom audience of people who’ve visited the site 4 days ago -> Sale Ends Tomorrow

Create a custom audience of people who’ve visited the site 3 days ago -> Sale Ends In 2 Days

Create a custom audience of people who’ve visited the site 2 days ago -> Sale Ends In 3 Days

Create a custom audience of people who’ve visited today-> Sale Ends In 4 Days

A tough set up, but if done properly it will do wonders.

Key tip: Don’t forget to exclude audiences, for example, for the “Sale Ends Today” creative you want to include last 5 day visitors and EXCLUDE last 4 day visitors. This means that this creative will only be shown to people that visited your store 5 days ago and each day they’ll see a new creative.

2. Personalization

Imagine 2 people in a subway station:

     1) He’s yelling on the top of the lungs “HEY! CHECK THIS OUT”

     Most people walking by would think he’s a lunatic…

     2) The other guy (still kinda weird) comes up to you and whispers your name in your ear.

Which one of these would get your attention? I’m guessing it’s the latter. Still creepy, but it would perk you up and he’d have your full attention.

Sadly you cannot include someone’s name in an Facebook ad (which would be epic), but there are other crafty ways to personalize retargeting. Look at their buying cycle.

Isolate the people who went and simply looked at your site from those that added a product to the cart and from those that went to the checkout.

Even something as simple as changing the ad copy from “Hey we saw you checked out PRODUCT XX” to “What happened in the checkout?” can get them to perk up.

Being specific and personal is the way to go.

3. The Buying Cycle System

If someone didn’t buy a product, they’re uncertain.

They might not be sure how it really looks, how big it is… Or they might not know if it ships to their country.

What we like to do is to create a retargeting sequence.

It looks something like this:

Step 1: The Straight Sale

Initially we’ll try to get people right back to the site. They might have forgotten about our product, so we’ll use this ad to get our product in front of their eyes and get them to convert.

Step 2: Testimonials

If the straight sale doesn’t work, we’ll re-target with some testimonials, building social proof. It doesn’t matter what kind of testimonials those are - we just want the potential customer to feel certain that our customers are happy.

Step 3: FAQ

Some of them might want the product, but there might be a question or uncertainty that's preventing them from making a decision.

FAQ Retargeting creatives are great to handle these concerns and get them to convert.

This includes:

- Questions about shipping

- Questions about the quality

- Risk-reversals (eg. money back guarantee etc.)

Step 4: Testimonials (but different)

Now we’ve given them a bunch of information on our product. However, this might not be enough. So we’ll show them even more testimonials… But they will be different from the first ones we showed.

These new testimonials are hitting a new “angle.” For example, if the first batch of testimonials talk about the product quality, these will talk about different benefits, for example the customer service etc.

Step 5: The Unboxing Video

As simple as these may seem, they’re extremely powerful. These videos show how the product looks - it’s true size, colors etc. This might be the one last thing your consumer may need to see before buying.

Step 6: Can’t turn an atheist into a cristian

If none of the steps above don’t work… It’s time to give up. If someone won’t buy, they won’t. So don’t spend your hard earned money on retargeting folks that just won’t convert.

If you want to try these retargeting ideas, you may need new sets of creatives to use.

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