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No matter how good your creative, your targeting, or your product - if your website is broken it won’t sell.

Today’s consumers are even more impatient than they were just 3 years ago.

Even small mistakes, almost unnoticeable problems can kill a store’s conversion rate.

These tips are universal and will work no matter if you’re using a Shopify theme or custom-built funnel.

1. Use a “Sticky” Button on Mobile

Locking an add to cart button at the bottom of your mobile landing page can be a simple trick for your stores. In one eCommerce agency test that looked at this specific tactic, a sticky “Add to Cart” button on the page generated 7.9% more completed orders.

If the CTA is visible, your customer won’t have to wander around the site, trying to find it. They will always have an easy way for the next step.

2. Page Speed

Every. Second. Counts.

Today’s customers are impatient. If they can’t get what they want quickly, they’ll leave.

Luckily there are studies that prove this. They compared page load times with the bounce rate.

As you can see - as page load speed goes up, the bounce rate lowers. You can test your site’s speed here.

Few Tips To Improve Your Site’s Speed

1) Compress your images

2) Use web-safe fonts

3) Use browser caching

3. Simplicity

Keep. It. Simple.

If you’re running traffic from ads, people want to understand what you’re selling, what your product does and why should they buy it.

There’s no need to get too fancy and over-complicate a website, trying to look unique.

Most of the time simple will out-perform “fancy” and here’s why.

When you get fancy, your site will have more code. And as a result, it will be slower than a simple site.

As well as, if it’s too fancy, it might get hard to read. And if someone gets confused - they will just leave.

That’s why it’s important to use proven frameworks for businesses.

The same thing goes for advertising and more importantly, your creatives.

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