How To Spot Winning Products

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Catching trends early is one of the easiest ways to find winning products and create winning stores. That’s why now we will share our top 3 tips for catching trends before they blow up.

1) Follow Meme Pages & Influencers

One of the easiest ways to spot winners is to follow meme pages and influencers below 100k followers.

Here you’re able to spot videos with winning products that go viral. Last Q4 I noticed a product that had 1 viral video slowly popping up on the internet.

Within 12 hours I created my own winning store and started running ads.

The product was a hit and we were one of the first to sell it.

It’s these sticky ceiling balls.

Time and time again we can see videos BLOW up on small theme/meme pages and if those videos have a product, it’s worth the test.

You can find viral videos like this on:

- Instagram

- TikTok

- YouTube

2) Use Unicorn Smasher

This less known chrome extension helps you find and spot winning products on Amazon. It’s simple to use and install.
With it you can find winning products based on sales and search volume.

3) Google Trends

One of the best ways to spot and verify trends is to use google analytics.

From experience, it’s easiest to spot trends in overall industries (searches for specific cosmetic products going up etc.) Or to verify the demand of a particular product.

As you can see in the image, the search volume for Sticky Balls spiked in Q4 and it was the BIG HOT product people wanted.

In Conclusion,

Finding the next winning product comes all the way down to doing the research. If you put in the work and test multiple products, it’s easy to spot winners and scale.

Once you’ve found the winning product, you need to get winning ads and that’s where we can help!