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Vertical Ad Testing Package (Stories, Tiktok, Snapchat)

Vertical Ad Testing Package (Stories, Tiktok, Snapchat)

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This Vertical Ad Testing Package is perfect if you are looking to make...

- (4) proven-to-convert vertical ad variations for 1 product

- Typically these ads are 15 seconds in duration

- Sized perfectly for Facebook/Instagram Stories, Tiktok and Snapchat

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The most affordable, high quality, and quick delivery ads you need for your drop shipping business. The only ad creation agency owned and operated by multiple 6-figure/month shopify drop shippers.

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-Save time and money searching for freelancers only to find out the quality and delivery time don't compare to us.

- Save hours of your time making a ad for yourself that might not even convert to sales.

- Get your ads fast allowing you to launch your ads faster than the competition. 

- This service is an automation tool you need for you to take your drop shipping business to the next level.

Why use ViralEcomAdz?

- We are owned by two dropshippers with years of experience so we understand what it takes for an ad to convert into sales.

- Most of our customers use the ad we send them. In rare cases, we do offer free revisions within 7 days from when the ad is delivered.

- We offer the quickest delivery time for our customers, only 1-3 days.

- Our ad packages are affordable for every drop shipper. Experienced business owners take advantage of the bulk ordering packages available to you.

How It Works:

- Choose which ad package best fits your business needs.

- Open our post purchase thank you email for a link to fill out our Ad Submission Form.

- Sit back and wait while our experienced videographers complete your ad and deliver it to you via email in 1-3 business days.