Tiktok Organic - 1M Views In 9 Days Case Study

Results: 1,000,000+ Views In The First 9 Days On Tiktok Organic
Niche: Bluetooth Speakers

Tiktok Page: @nimasound

Before Starting

Nima came to us like 90% of the brands out there - knowing the potential their brand has on Tiktok but struggling to know where to start and how to get results on a new platform. They were completely fresh to Tiktok and never had a Tiktok page before. We knew right away we were the perfect fit to make their brand go viral on Tiktok...

The Process

Knowing that we are the experts on Tiktok the process for Nima was completely automated from the start - all they had to do was ship us the products and we took care of the rest! Our team created a fresh Tiktok page and started to brainstorm our creative ideas in an effort to make viral tiktok creatives from day one. Within 5 days from when the products arrived to us we were ready and went live with our first post...

The Results

The results we were able to bring in were almost instantly viral from day one. Fast forward just 9 days from our first post we were able to accumulate over 1,000,000 organic view for Nima on a brand new Tiktok page with no followers or likes. Our 2nd post with over 500k+ views and just 3 days later another viral Tiktok with 350k+ views followed by another 100k+ view tiktok in 24 hours. 

We knew from the first time we spoke with Nima that we would be able to catapult their brand on Tiktok with viral content almost overnight! Moving forward we will continue posting 1-3 Tiktoks per day creating a snowball effect continuing to rack in views, visitors and sales. 

Overall we are both extremely happy with the results we are getting and will continue to scale organically with viral tiktoks not only on this page but with multiple tiktok pages!


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