3 Devastating Mistakes That KILL Dropshipping Stores

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Ecommerce is a bigger opportunity than ever. That’s why there are thousands of newbies jumping in the industry. No matter if you’re a complete newbie or a veteran you will love this article.

Learn which mistakes you have to avoid, in order to build and sustain a successful store!

1) Inflexibility

Business is all about adapting. Now we’ll face a tough challenge of iOS14 and that affecting Facebook ads. This forces us to adapt.

It’s easy to think you will run Facebook ads forever, but you need to slowly branch out. You need to learn and understand other advertising platforms, such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Google ads.

That way if there’s a major issue with one platform, you’re able to switch. As a result you can build a store that becomes diversified so you can scale.

The best way to get started is to pick one Facebook’s alternative and just study it. To be exact, study how the ad algorithm works, does it have organic sales potential, what kind of content works best and only then you should dive into testing and running ads.

In most cases simply reusing ads you run on Facebook for other traffic sources won’t be enough. For example, YouTube ads are a much different platform than Facebook.

The ads there are shown to a super broad audience whereas Facebook is very targeted. That means winning creatives AND media buying will differ.

If you want to dive into new traffic channels, tap here and read the article we wrote on untapped marketing channels.

2) Excessively trusting suppliers

If you find a winning product and just rely on one supplier with the cheapest price, you can get into a huge trouble.

If they don’t have good systems in place, they may not ship out your products leaving you stuck with a ton of refunds, chargebacks and a huge bill from the Customer Support team.

That’s why you must find trusted suppliers and use them. Slowly build a relationship with them and verify they actually ship out your products and they’re good quality.

If you’re already doing good numbers, it’s worth starting to work with a dropshipping agent.

Then you can find the product, send it to them and they will find a high quality supplier for you.

What’s even better is now it will be much easier for you to get into let’s say private labeling as with agents you can ask them to start private labeling your product and you can get an amazing price.

Treat agents the same way you treat suppliers - build trust first and don’t blindly trust them. Make sure they’re legit and the products and the shipping times are the same as they say they are.

3) Not brand your stores 

Dropshipping is a great way to start and test new stores, but building a brand can help you make a lot more money in the long term.

If you find a winning product, you should start looking into branding - getting your custom packaging, creating custom content so you get better ads and having a strong social presence.

If you’re able to do that, you can create a store that gets more customers, higher AOV and is sustainable over the long term.

As a result you can dominate the competition by spending more on ads, getting more customers and scaling hard.

If you want to start building your own brand, the first step you can take is start creating your own custom content.

We make it easy for you. Once you’ve found a winning product, simply ship it out to us and we will film a fully custom video ad for you.

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