3 Most Important Things to Have In Your Facebook Video Ads

From start to finish, creating a successful Facebook Ad campaign in and of itself is a task to anyone, anywhere. From knowing how to set up columns to knowing when to end an adset, it's important to do everything in your power to be successful. At Viral Ecom Adz we have perfected the art of making a winning video for Facebook ads. Over the time we have spent with our clients, we picked up on the top three most important things for Video Ads. 


#1: Showing Practical Use of The Product

The human brain is visual, plain and simple. We rely on our ability to see to understand the world around us. To give you an example, babies learn to walk quickly not by use of their legs, but more by use of their eyes. Innately they watch the world around them, and see others walk, and then they do the same. Your video ads are much like this! Users need to be able to see your ad and understand the general concept of your product in the first 5-10 seconds. 


This is one of the most effective ways to create a converting video ad. People scrolling through their feed, in a never ending cycle of content and they want to understand what they see and they want it now. Our videos at Viral Ecom Adz are tailored in this manner. We show products being used in a practical manner and that is what our customers need, and people want to see. 



#2  Use vibrant eye catching colors 

With the average person on social media coming into contact with dozens of videos at any given time, the eyes of the audiences are always attracted to the videos with eye jumping colors. Colors that catch the eye are proven to make any video stand out of the crowd of other dingy video ads. Colors like Gold, Green, Red, and Blue, when brightened allow the video to capture the eye of the viewer.










Our videos at Viral Ecom Adz are specifically designed with a method that has been proven to work for our videos we have designed, we intentionally use bright colors in our ads because they work the best, capture the eye of the audience, and look the most aesthetic. 


#3  Life without the product.

Lastly, the final way to make your Facebook video stand out from the others is showcasing life without the product. People want to see what the product does, but more importantly they need to be reminded of what is life without the product. If showing the product being used and showcasing its utility is great, then showing what a hassle life without the product is one of the most convincing ways for people to buy a certain product. 



For example, if selling a Car Sun Shade, first show how the product is used and the convenience of having one. In the following slides make sure you give a brief description of it, then show just how hot and annoying it is when getting in a hot car on a busy day of running errands.