Dropshipping trends in 2021

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2021 is right around the corner and the 1% of dropshipping are already preparing their stores for the possible trends of the next year. That’s one of the reasons they’re at the top - they can stay ahead of their competitors!

Of course in today’s world it can be tough to predict the possible trends which could arise. But based on the current situation, we can speculate and see the possible product categories, which could generate great ROI.

Home fitness equipment

 This is a classic. Every single year people set New Years resolutions and a large chunk of that is fitness related. Most of the years, the gyms reap the benefits of this trend, however, now that the gyms are closed, it’s a great opportunity for eCommerce stores to sell home fitness products.

But not just that, there’s also an opportunity to sell fitness workout plans and meal plans alongside it!

The Entire Home Niche

It doesn’t look like the “Rona” is going away anytime soon. And actually the situation in Europe is getting worse. The UK just went into lockdown and other countries are looking to follow.

So far we’ve seen people turn to their homes to decorate them, improve them as they have more time on their hands than ever before.


Hopefully in late 2021 we will be able to see the pandemic come to an end. This is where the flow of money will change. One of the sectors, which should see growth is the clothing sector.

So far most of the clothing stores have seen a big hit as most people haven’t had the need to buy or wear any clothes for that matter. But this is about to change as the end of the pandemic should have people going out and living the time of their lives.

These are the top 3 trends we see happening during the start to the end of 2021.

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