Holidays You Need To Prepare Marketing For

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Most marketers look at Q4 as the biggest opportunity of the year. While it is the best time to generate the most sales, it’s important to pay attention to upcoming holidays in Q1 & Q2 so you can plan testing winning products and marketing for.

Upcoming Holidays In Q1

1. International Women’s Day, March 8

If your audience consists of women - pay attention to your female customers and create special sales around this day.

March in general is the start of the Spring. So think of products you can sell to women around this time of year. It can be a great niche market, which can possibly even help you create a special niche.

2. St. Patrick’s Day, March 17

People from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand Canada and the United States celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Preparing sales & green themed branding before march 17th is an opportunity to boost sales.

Upcoming Holidays In Q2

1. April Fools’ Day, April 1

In march you can try to create a store where you sell prank items so people can show their sense of humor on April Fools’ Day. While this may seem like a very niche market it’s worth a shot!

If you’re a brand - this is a great way to boost brand awareness. You can plan to create marketing gigs not just to show your sense of humour, but also to create virality. (Pranks, Videos, Notes included for customers who would receive their packages on April Fools’ Day are just a few ideas.

2. Easter, April 12 & Easter (Orthodox), April 19

Easter is one of the main Christian holidays. Different places celebrate Easter at different times so starting an Easter based store before March 22nd is a great opportunity to take advantage of the holiday.

3. Earth Day, April 22

If you sell green products or products which fight against the pollution - this is an important day for you. This day has been celebrated since 1970 to support our planet from man made harm and ecological disasters.

Again, if your business is selling products which lower the pollution or fight against pollution - this can be an important day for you.

4. Mother’s Day, May 10

Mothers, grandmothers play a great role in our lives. This day isn’t just to sell mother’s day related products or gifts, it’s to truly appreciate them.

Mother’s day is widely celebrated in most countries and continents. Creating heartwarming campaigns is a great way to stand out.

You can also create special stores beforehand to sell mother’s days gifts to the customers.

5.International Children’s Day, June 1

If you’re selling children’s products - it’s a day you cannot miss. It’s a day to celebrate parenthood and children’s wellbeing and rights.

6. Father’s Day, June 21

Most people in the US, Canada and Europe celebrate Father’s Day. It’s not as commercially big as Mother's day, but it’s still an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate Father’s.

Use this blog to prepare for upcoming holidays either to boost sales for existing stores or build new stores to capitalize on this opportunity.

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