How Jacob Scaled To $50k/Day With This One Ad

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Meet Jacob. He runs an ecommerce store that generated over $3.7 million in sales. Before working with us his team had run a bunch of different creatives, yet they just couldn’t scale further than $20k per day.

Once he turned to us, we audited his advertising creative strategy and noticed he was only running one style video ads.

We created custom content ads, brand new video ads and animation ads they could test. However we still had 1 BRAND NEW ad noone had seen before… It’s the customer testimonial (UGC) ad.

We created a few UGC variations and sent it to him. They were able to scale to $50k/day with a 3.2-6 ROAS (Compared to the previous 2.2).

This has skyrocketed their profitability and helped them consistently generate $50k+/day.

That’s why if you want to take your store to the next level, you need to diversify and test new creatives.

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