How To Spike Sales During Christmas

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It’s no secret to say that Christmas spikes sales. Most people focus solely on the gifts - but a lot of money is being spent on decorations and Christmas clothing. That’s why in this blog I want to show you the strategy and product ideas so you can boost sales for this Christmas!

The Sales Strategy

If you already have a winning product, firstly you need to classify it. Would people buy it as a gift or as decorations?

This can pave the way for different strategies you can use to scale.

If someone were to buy your product as a gift.

You should try testing some offers. This means testing doubling the price and offering Buy One Get One free or similar deals.

Even if your product is competitive, an amazing offer can revive even a dead store. As well as boost AOV.

If someone were to buy your products as decorations.

Focus on building out a funnel. Just think about it - if someone is shopping for decorations, it’s not a far fetch to assume that they will likely get more. Who doesn’t want to flex on their neighbors with the brightest Christmas lights?

Try creating a simple funnel. Start off by upselling the same product just at a discount. If the take rate is above 7% - you’re quite literally getting free money. However, if it doesn’t work, try using another winning product. (You can even use an old one).

Your goal with the funnel is to hit a take rate of over 7%.

The Ads Strategy

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Product Ideas

- Kids Toys

Who loves Christmas more than kids? They’re waiting for the coolest gifts and their parents will definitely want to treat them.

- Personalized Gifts

Gifts are amazing, but personalization takes it to the next level. These can be engraved necklaces or rings. Any kind of personalization works here.

- Christmas Decorations

Obviously, people are spending their time at home and they want to shine the brightest. Help them make their neighbors envious with your Christmas Decorations.

Other product categories, which see a spike in sales:

- Beauty

- Festive Clothing

- Kitchen Appliances

- Alcohol Products (Wine sets etc.)

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