The Do's & Don'ts of Dropshipping

E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, and therefore its subsidiary fulfillment strategy known as 'dropshipping' has become an increasingly popular component of modern-day businesses. Dropshipping refers to a business model where-in which a retailer does not hold or maintain inventory/stock. Instead they purchase their products from third party suppliers or manufacturers such as: (Aliexpress, Alibaba, Zendrop, CjDropshipping, etc) & rely on the 3rd party supplier to ship items directly to their customer.

Sometimes adopting a dropshipping business model is frowned upon due to a recently heavy influx of negative customer experiences associated with it. Retailers are often coming into the space & treating it as an easy 'get rich quick scheme’ due to its lower barrier to entry compared to traditional business, flaunting little to no concern for customer service or brand longevity. Unjustly this has diminished dropshippings reputation as a totally valid business process. Commonly misunderstood, dropshipping actually just simplifies the fulfillment process by cutting out any unnecessary middlemen, meaning more room for margins & less overheads.

With the recent uptrend of dropshipping, it’s super important to wrap your head around some of the most fundamental do’s & don'ts of drop shipping to ensure you're on the most streamlined path to success & can stay ahead of the ever-growing fierce competition!

Do's Of Dropshipping

Pick an audience/niche:

When starting an e-commerce dropshipping business, it can be extremely helpful to pick a niche to sell to. If possible, it is ideal this niche is something you are personally passionate about. This will make it easier to create relatable content and market your products in the right way if you already have knowledge and interest in the niche, giving you ultimate insight from your customers perspective.

Select Reliable Suppliers:

Choose suppliers with a good reputation, quality products, and fast shipping times. Make sure you thoroughly research the supplier before working with them. Having low quality products or slow shipping times can result in bad reviews, high refund rates, poor brand reputation & will end up costing you so much more in the long run.

Offer Exceptional Customer Service:

Excellent customer service is critical in e-commerce when establishing a brand position. Ensure that your customer service team is responsive, knowledgeable, & overall actually helpful to your customers specific needs/wants. It helps to provide multiple channels of communication, such as phone, email, and on-site chat options, making it easy for customers to reach you. Happy Customers = Repeat Customers.

Don'ts Of Dropshipping

Don't rush the process:

Take the time to research & plan your business before launching. Rushing into it can result in costly mistakes. Find your market fit, work out your break-even acquisition costs, check out your competitors websites & ads, etc. Do your due diligence.

Stay away from saturated markets:

Avoid selling the same products that are already heavily marketed by bigger brands or other people that have a large head start on you. (Your whole journey will be playing an endless game of catch-up, you don’t want this.) Try to be a pioneer for your product, offer or service.

Never Stop learning:

There is endless knowledge to consume when it comes to dropshipping or even e-commerce in general. Although from the outside looking in it may seem like there are only a few major moving components.. things such as copy-writing frameworks, website design, content creation, video/photo editing & even consumer psychology to mention just a few are extremely prominent skills in this game that will offer as extreme advantage once comprehended. You must maintain a thirst for expanding your current database of knowledge & never cease your lust to learn. Being proficient in as many of these areas as possible will allow you to further separate yourself from the competition & propel you closer towards wherever you direct it.

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