Top 3 New Traffic Channels

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Most dropshippers fall victim to Zucc’s ban hammer. It’s tough to scale a store if you can’t get any traffic.
To help diversity your traffic sources, here’s our 3 favorite new and untapped traffic sources.

1) Quora

If you’ve ever tried looking up a specific problem, you’ve probably stumbled across this site. It’s where people can ask questions and others can answer them. Even if you’re smart in a particular subject, you can write a blog and link people to your site.

This is a great traffic channel if you have a product that solves a very specific problem. Then you can hire a VA to answer people's questions and even have them link to your product as the solution to people’s problems.

This is especially powerful if you are building a brand. This way you can build top of the mind awareness of your brand and have customers that come and buy from you for a long time to come.

As previously mentioned you can even write in-depth blogs helping people solve their problems.

This is exactly what we do here at Viral Ecom Adz. We create articles e-com store owners would read. That way we can share quality information and ideas and possibly have people try our video ads.

This leads into our next traffic source.

2) SEO

While by itself this isn’t a new traffic source, it’s one Dropshippers don’t use that much.

If you’re able to have a product that can sell for long, establishing a strong SEO presence can really make your brand bulletproof.

One of the main ways we’ve been working on improving our SEO is with articles like these.

The articles don’t have to talk about your product directly, they should be on topics your customers would want to read. In our case it’s advertising, improving conversions, fixing paypal issues etc.

If you have amazing blogs, you can quite literally get free traffic going to your website, buying your products.

Our 3-step system to write effective blogs.

Step 1: Research and understand your customer

Step 2: Write an article on a topic they are interested in or a problem they need to have solved

Step 3: Promote to your existing customers and even try running ads to them.

We were running ads to our blogs and as weird it may seem, we managed to get a positive ROI with them!

3) Pinterest Ads

No matter if you’re selling a visual product or a product that solves problems, pinterest is a great marketing channel for you to try.

It’s something that a lot of people don’t pay attention to but it’s relatively easy to understand and scale.

If you want to try Pinterest ads, you will need some vertical ads to test. That’s why we encourage you to try our Viral Ecom Adz vertical video ads.

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