Unsaturated Advertising Platforms You Should Try

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While Facebook has proven to be the king of advertising platforms, it’s still worth exploring opportunities on other social media channels.

But before we dive into figuring out which ones are the best alternatives to Facebook, we first need to start with the target audience & the product.

Firstly, focus on the target audience - who are they? Who are your buyers?

The target audience for necklaces is going to wildly differ from the audience for gaming chairs. As a result, each platform will have a different audience.

For example, you could sell necklaces on pinterest and gaming chairs on reddit.


This is a very niche platform, as the business owners like to call it - people go on pinterest to plan their dreams, seek inspiration and organize it into their boards.

Pinterest reaches 335 million monthly active users, where two-thirds of them are women.

Target audience: Woman, 8 out of 10 moms use pinterest, more than half of US millennials use Pinterest.

It’s safe to say that pinterest is useful for advertising:

1) Jewelry

2) Home improvement products

3) Gift ideas

If your main audience would be moms - Pinterest is the platform for you.


One of the most famous social media sites, where people go to discuss different topics & celebrities post Ask Me Anything threads.

Reddit has a wide range of users. However, they’re each sitting in their own groups, where most people discuss about the same topics. Eg. investing, coding. Home improvement etc.

Target audience: Mostly millennials & Gen Z

Reddit can be a great advertising platform if you find that your target audience’s subreddits.

If you’re selling home improvement products - creating an advertorial and using it on reddit can help drive sales.


Out of all of the previous options - snapchat is the most similar to Facebook with their detailed targeting and snapchat story ad placements.

We’ve heard many people try snapchat for advertising, but without much success. They’ve found that traffic from snapchat isn’t as high quality as the one from Facebook.

The way we see snapchat is using it as a retargeting platform and driving sales that way. Because if you can stay in front of the eyes of your customer - you still have opportunities to get them to buy from you.

Target audience: Gen Z & Millennials


The most talked about social platform to date. Tiktok is one of the hottest platforms to date.

There are a few ways you can advertise on tiktok:

1) Influencers

2) Paid ads

Paid ads are much harder to use on tiktok, as you need to go through and approval process before you can run ads.

So influencers are quite a safe bet.

Advertising on tiktok is a no brainer. The key to success is having a viral creative, that converts.

That’s why we’ve recently launched our TikTok ads!