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1. 24 Hour Delivery - After to filling out your VIP Ad Submission Form you will receive your video ad within 24 hours guaranteed.

2. 24 Hour Revisions - After to filling out your VIP Ad Revision Form you will receive your revised video ad within 24 hours guaranteed.

3. FREE Thumbnails - Any video ad package you choose to purchase includes FREE Thumbnails. Make sure the "No Thumbnail Variant" is chosen to avoid paying for the thumbnail by mistake. 

4. VIP Customer Support - If you need to contact us in regards to your order or any questions you may have all our VIP Members get access to a special customer support email for priority support.

5. Delivery On Weekends - Since you are a VIP Member our video editors are available to deliver your video ads 7 days a week!

6. 25% OFF ALL PACKAGES - All VIP Members have access to a special coupon code that will be given to you via email after signing up. You will get 25% OFF on all video ad packages. 

* These benefits are for Video Ad Packages only and do not apply to 2D Animation Ads.