How To Use TikTok Ads

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After iOS14 a lot of stores have been struggling to sell their products with Facebook ads. So naturally people are looking to diversity and test out new platforms!

Unlike TikTok, Facebook is a bit harder to get started working with. So make sure you’re ready to commit before you test the platform.

Requirements To Start Using TikTok Ads:
$1000 - $2000 Budget
1-3 TikTok Friendly videos
1-3 Ad copy
A Registered Business

If you need TikTok video ads, tap the button below and get our split testing package.

Then create your TikTok account at;

Then install the pixel to your store.

Once that’s done, let’s start testing your ads!


Now that you have your account set up, let’s start off by testing creatives and then once you have found your winner you can scale.

Start off by creating your first campaign.

Here you don’t want to add any interests when targeting. Just prepare your creatives and to to the next steps.

- Optimization: Complete Payment

- Category: Whatever products you’re selling

- Ad Tags: 10-20 tags related to your product (eg. mens fashion, mens tshirt etc.) You can use find keyword ideas

- Keep the comments removes

- Keep video download on (Unless the video doesn’t have branding on it, then you can turn it off)

- Exclude 13-24 age range (a lot of budget is allocated here and typically this audience isn’t profitable)

- Broad targeting (no interest)

- Budget $25 per ad group (Unlike Facebook you can't pick $5 or $10)

- Bid: Your Target CPP (½ or ⅓ of the product price, but shouldn’t be lower than $20)

- Test only 1 creative per campaign

When to kill ads:

Let the ads sit for 2-3 days and kill the losers

OR if the ads have spent 2-3x CPP and they aren’t profitable, kill them then test new creatives

Repeat this process until you have found the winning creatives!

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