Tiktok Organic - 2.4M Views In Less Than 3 Weeks Case Study

Results: 2,400,000+ Views In Less Than 3 Weeks On Tiktok Organic
Niche: Mens Underwear/Apparel

Tiktok Page: @britha.boxers

Before Starting

Britha decided to get on a call with us to discuss what they believed to be untapped potential with their revolutionary product. They were brand new to Tiktok and were looking for a reliable partner to fully automate creating content for Tiktok to take their brand and product viral. We quickly saw the opportunity and decided to get right to work...

The Process

We immediatley had the product shipped directly to us and within 5 days we had their Tiktok account created from scratch and first video live! Keeping this process as automated as possible we continued to post once per day on their account and downloaded every video into a google drive link for britha to post the content on instagram reels and youtube shorts to maximize their organic reach...

The Results

We were able to consistently create viral content around this product multiple times during the first few weeks. Within 20 days from our first post we were able to accumulate over 2,400,000 organic views for Britha boxers completely from scratch. Our viral creative strategy got Britha over 1.5M views on a single Tiktok and got 2 other videos to get 400k+ views and 200k+ views shortly after...

From day 1 we knew we could help Britha go viral on Tiktok and were very confident in their product and brand to do well organically following our proven strategy of content. Moving forward we will continue posting daily on their account keeping the positive momentum and continuing to bring in hundreds of thousands of views organically.

We are both extremely happy with the results we are getting and will continue to scale organically with viral tiktoks not only on this page but with multiple tiktok pages and multiple new projects and brands moving forward!


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