Tiktok Split Testing Package

Tiktok Split Testing Package

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None+$0.00 Text+$10.00 Text+$30.00 Text+$50.00 Text+$100.00
None+$0.00 Male+$10.00 Female+$10.00 Male+$30.00 Female+$30.00 Male+$50.00 Female+$50.00 Male+$100.00 Female+$100.00

Delivery In 1-3 Business Days

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Building Your Bundle

Save by bulk ordering 1,3,5 or 10 packages if you are planning to test multiple different products.

Include native to tiktok style text throughout your video ad and a giphy to add to your product page, website, email flows and even test as an ad creative

Add a male or female tiktok style voice overs to your video ad to increase conversions as 90% of tiktok users have sound on.

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