3 Email Tricks To Boost Profit 17-32%

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Even if you’re dropshipping, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate more sales. (And profit).

Today we’ve partnered up with agencyJR to showcase the most effective email marketing tricks & strategies you can implement today.

These exact strategies have helped this brand to scale from $600k/mo to $800k/mo

1. Build a strong Thank You Sequence

The biggest killers of profit for ecom stores are refunds and chargebacks, that’s why it’s important to build a bulletproof Thank you sequence.

Here’s a set up you can aim for:

Email 1 - Thank you message / order confirmation

Within this email you will let the buyer know their order has been confirmed and it’s soon going to be on their way.

I’d recommend explaining that they will get a tracking number in a later email.

Bonus tip - give them a discount and link them to your other products as an immediate upsell. We’ve seen this generate additional sales because the people who’ve just placed an order are in an “emotional high”, so they’re ready to buy again.

Email 2 - Delay notification

If your shipping times are longer than 7-14 days, you need to send out an email letting people know their order is going to be delayed. Now the customers are understanding as this is happening across the board with COVID-19.

A psychology trick to include here is to offer them a discount. This plays to the contrast principle where once someone has heard bad news first, the good news seem better. As a result they are willing to order more.

If you set the right expectations and keep the customers updated, you can greatly reduce refunds and even chargebacks.

2. Build an abandoned cart sequence

After generating over $5,000,000 with emails we’ve learned that abandoned cart emails, when done right, can boost the profitability of any ecom store.

The main reason for that is - if you can recover more of the abandoned carts, your ads become more profitable.

The abandoned cart sequences that work best are typically built with 4-7 emails (which is longer than the industry average of 2-3).

This allows you to send emails at different times, hit them from different angles and make sure they are ready to buy the product.

Pro trick: talk to your customer support team and understand the most frequent questions they get asked. That way you can handle these concerns within the emails and increase conversion.

3. Engage with your email list

Many dropshipping stores scale to thousands per day and build an email list of 10,000;20,000;50,000 or more emails.

Most of them are quite literally sitting on a goldmine without even knowing it.

These people can be engaged with and brought back to the site. If someone buys - that sale is pure profit for you. Because with emails you don’t have to pay for ad spend.

A combination of these 3 tricks and others allow ecom stores to boost profit by 17-37% and so if you own an ecom store doing $50k+ per month, you need to set up email marketing for your store.

Now you can do it on your own, but you’re probably busy scaling your store and you don’t want to learn a completely new skill.

In that case, you can tap the button below and schedule a call with agencyJR. They will build an email marketing plan for you and help you boost sales!