How much do your videos cost?
You can view pricing on our products page here. 
It's very simple:
How does the process work?
1. You choose the video package you'd like to order and submit payment on the order form. 
2. You'll be automatically emailed a link to fill out the video submission form which asks you detailed questions about your specific product so our videographers can use in your video.
3. Once your video is done, we will send it to you via email (we do free unlimited revisions for 7 days after delivery and we do them fast!).
Our video creation process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
How are the videos created?
Our video editors use clips from YouTube and premium stock video. We always create a brand new video for each client and always make them highly engaging with great visuals and tactful sales copy.
How long will it take for me to receive my video?
We know how important it is for you to get your videos done as fast as possible. That being said our videos are typically finished within 1-3 business days! 
Can I get a copyright claim from one of your videos since you use clips from Youtube or Aliexpress?
You very well can. Though this is still better than straight up copying someone else's video, there is still a risk in the video clips original creator reaching out and making copyright claims, or asking you to take the video down. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that the clips in your videos are safe to use. We are simply editing videos for you. It is your decision of whether you think they are viable for your marketing platforms. If you don't feel like the video is useable, we offer a free revision within 24 hours of receiving your video, just fill out the revision form here -> Click Here