Refund Policy

Refund Policy

The Company’s refund policy is very simple. If You ask for a refund within 30 minutes of ordering, we will happily issue You a refund. The reason the refund window is so small is because the Company begins working on your videos right away to have them delivered within 1-3 days. 

Once a video is created, there are no refunds. All videos created and delivered to You are nonrefundable because there is no way for us to recoup costs once the Company has created the video. There are no refunds on UGC orders as long as the video has been delivered to you. There are no refunds on product cost or shipping costs on any UGC order. We do not return/send any UGC products back to customers as our content creators get to keep the products. If your product is high-ticket we suggest to email us prior to ordering and shipping your product out to our content creator.


Even though the Company has a strict refund policy, the Company also offers unlimited revisions for 7 days on every video ordered. This means You can request revisions on your video up to 24-48 hours after You placed your initial order. Exceptions can be made on specific order cases.


Once 7 days has passed from the day You received your revised ad, no revisions will be accepted unless agreed to by the Company in its sole discretion.


The Company always want to make sure You are happy with the end result of your video.


For any questions related to refunds, email

Pricing Policy

-  1 Video is $40

-  3 Videos is $100

-  5 Videos is $150

-  10 Videos is $250

Ordering Process

  1. You choose the video package You'd like to order and submit payment on the order form. The purchase is subject to the Terms of Use, these Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Policy.
  2. You'll be automatically emailed a link to fill out the video submission form which asks You detailed questions about your specific product so our videographers can use in your video.
  3. Once your video is done, we will send it to You via email. We do free unlimited revisions up to 7 days and we do them fast!

Our video creation process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Video Creation

The Company’s video editors use clips from YouTube and premium stock video. The Company always creates a brand new video for each client and always make them highly engaging with great visuals and tactful sales copy.

The Company knows how important it is for You to get your videos done as fast as possible. That being said, our videos are typically finished within 1-3 business days.