Exact Video Ad That Gets 10x ROAS

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Let me show you the exact video ad Brooks used to get a 10X ROAS on his ads! But before we get down to the juicy stuff, let’s take a step back.

Before Brooks came to us, he was already doing well. His store was pulling in $1k/day, but he know he had more potential. He wanted to brand his store and take it to the next level. He just didn’t know how.

That’s when he came to us. At first we created 2D animations for him, which soon enough helped him scale from $1k/day to $10k and later even $20k/day. (With a 10 ROAS).

This is where the fun began. As he scaled, the competition seemed to become more fierce and tough. What we did next is what helped him turn his dropshipping store into a brand.

This is when we implemented 1 powerful video ad that helped him bring $2k-$3k in extra sales per day. (Without any adspend).

We created the custom video ad. It was branded with his product, a custom video ad script and fully custom scenarios. It was an ad filmed from scratch.

Brooks used this custom content to post on his social media and as it was using our Proven-To-Convert system it went VIRAL helping him generate an extra $2k-$3k per day.

Just take a look at this - Brooks scaled to $2.4 Million in sales just because he was able to get better creatives.

That’s why if you want to take your store to the next level, you need to get the exact ad script and ad structure we used to help Brooks scale.

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