How To Test New Creatives

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Scaling is fun, but testing isn’t. That’s why we’ll show you a simple, yet fun way to test creatives so you can scale!


Firstly I want to start off by saying that testing will closely correlate with your budget. If you don’t have a big budget, you shouldn’t test every little thing. Then you should mainly focus just on the main creative itself (video or image).


However, if you budget is higher, you can invest more into testing and finding the winners.


1. Fix variables

The biggest mistake which entrepreneurs make when testing new creatives is changing every variable.


The right way to test new creatives is to fix every variable, but one.


For example, if you’re testing new video ads, use the same audience, the same ad copy and only change the video itself.


This way you can see the actual effectiveness of a video ad.


You can do the same thing for any part of the creative, whether that’s the ad copy or video or image.


2. Mix it all

If you truly want to find the best creatives, you should mix the variables up ONLY AFTER you’ve found the winners.


Let’s say you’re doing 2 creative tests. One for ad copies, another one for video creatives.


At first you will fix the variable and it will look like this

Test A:

Ad Copy 1 + Video 1

Ad Copy 1 + Video 2

Ad Copy 1 + Video 3

Ad Copy 1 + Video 4


Test B:

Ad Copy 1 + Video 1

Ad Copy 2 + Video 1

Ad Copy 3 + Video 1

Ad Copy 4 + Video 1


Once you’ve finished the test, it will be time to mix the winners up.


Let’s say the winners you found were:

Ad Copy 2, Ad Copy 3 and Video 1, Video 2


Now you can mix them up to figure out which combination gets the best results.



Ad Copy 2 + Video 1

Ad Copy 3 + Video 2

Ad Copy 2 + Video 2

Ad Copy 3 + Video 1



Now you’ll be able to find the best winners.


3. Always be testing!!!

The downfall of many stores is staying the same. If something works, they stay the same - they run the same creatives, the same ad copies and after a while they die down.


The way to fix this is to continuously test.


Test new audiences, test new ad copies, test new videos.


It might be hard to find amazing video editors on your own and continuously get a stream of new winning creatives.


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