The importance of speed when testing a product; Why slow & steady DIDN’T win the race

Speed refers to your ability to move & accomplish things quickly. This is a super important characteristic all successful business owners have come to realize & adopt. You too will either subconsciously or consciously adopt a speed focused mentality if you want to start & grow your business beyond the points of success you’ve been dreaming about.

Move fast & move precise. If you want to outwork your competition, you first must recognise that e-commerce is an industry that heavily relies on speed. The faster you can produce precise action, the more likely your chance of success. Keep this in mind with all things, but remember never to substitute quality for speed. To remain fast, always keep your competition in mind. Remind yourself every day they are working just as hard & trailing you so closely in anything you do that they can practically smell you.. So keep moving, keep up that constant momentum!

This is especially true in the early stages of a brand/store or when you find a new potential winning product to test. In these stages, it is imperative to you and your brand's success that you move quickly. To do this, you are generally limited to 3 basic options. 

To do this, you are generally limited to 3 basic options...

1) You can order the product off Amazon if it's available there & have it delivered by the next day with overnight Prime shipping. This can be a little more expensive but allows you to move 10x quicker than if you were to order from Ali-express or alike for a much cheaper price. You will then be able to film your own custom content for that product and have ads ready to go quicker than 99% of your competition that is trailing you. Don’t sit around for 30 days, twiddling your thumbs, waiting for your product to arrive because you decided to order off Aliexpress due to pricing. By doing this, it is actually costing you so much more in the long run. Imagine your competition is just one day behind you at all times and working just as hard to get things done. Whilst yes, ordering off Aliexpress or Alibaba is an option & a generally cheaper one, you simply cannot afford to sit around for 30 days waiting to start! 

2) You can try your luck chopping and changing existing content. It is worth noting, this process takes copious amounts of time and effort that really becomes an - "i’ll try and make it work "- kind of creative & as always we strongly advise against it. Oftentimes this method also has no genuine structure or longevity as you are extremely limited/boxed into certain marketing angles that you have zero control over. When it comes to creating new ads to test, this will also prove to be a nightmare and the payoff generally will not justify the amounting efforts you have to put in to actually create some clean, engaging, fluent & most importantly, converting content. 

3) Thirdly, the fastest & definitely the most streamlined way to stay ahead of your competition is with one of our custom UGC packages. Get single or multiple highly engaging & high converting ad content for your product ready to go within 1-3 days from when you order! Take away the stress and time of ordering a product and spending hours filming/editing it. Let us handle it for you, you can check out some of our ad packages here