What to do when your ads don’t work

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Sometimes we will run in situations where our ads just outright don’t work.

Whether you already have a winning product or you don’t - the steps will be different.

If you don’t have a winning product

If you don’t have a winning product the reason may be simple, there is no product - market fit.

This means that the people just don’t want what you’re selling and that’s why they don’t buy.

This means you need to take a step back and research the audience. Look at what’s selling in the market and join Facebook groups with your target audience. (For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, join groups where women talk about makeup).

There you can hear their issues,concerns and you can even talk to them.

Then once you see a pattern or an issue that repeats, you can create a product to solve it.

Most of the time the issue isn’t the ads, it’s the offer. Only when you have a great offer or a product you can start to scale.

If you have a winning product

If you’ve already had a winning product, the story is different. Because you know you have a product - market fit and it’s all about testing other variables.

1. Test new audiences. 

Honestly this is the highest ROI activity you can do. Test outright weird audiences. One of the stores we were working on sold airpods and we noticed the targeting frozen food generated the best ROI.

Get creative with your targeting.

2. Improve your offer.

If you’ve had a winning product and it started to die off, you should look at your competitors and see what they’re offering. Then create a BETTER offer than them!

This means you can try: buy one, get one free, lower prices etc. But before you do that, talk to your supplier to make sure you get cogs good enough, so It's profitable for you.

3. Get New Creatives

It’s true, your ads may not work because of old/stale creatives.

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