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If you thought last year’s Q4 was crazy… This years’ Q4 will be even crazier! Just think about it:

   - The big retailers will be closed for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

   - Consumers are used to shopping online

   - More consumers than before are going to be staying at their homes

This is why we’ve created this blog to help you have a plan so you can absolutely demolish Q4.

Overview of Q4

1) October - The Prep: Most of October is pretty slow. It’s best to use this month to search for trends, set your budget and prepare for a quick Halloween sale.

2) November - Sales: In November, people will go crazy for discounts and they'll buy gifts for themselves. Not to mention, it has one of the biggest sales of the year: Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

3) December - Holiday Season: Now people are in the holiday spirit, buying gifts for their relatives and friends.

4) Bonus Round - January: Even though the bulk of the sales arise in November and December, January can be seen as a fun bonus round. Many people will invest into fitness products. Because as always… New Year, New Me!

Throughout the whole Q4, you need to keep your eyes open and be ready to create a new store and start selling.

That’s why it’s important to look for trends.

1. How To Look For Trends

This quarter is so powerful, not just because it has a ton of holidays, but also because there’s a lot of change happening.

For the countries in the north - the seasons are changing. So new problems arise. People will need winter jackets, warmer clothes etc.

The best ways to search for trends is by combining these 2 FREE tools:

      1. Google Trends - See the trend for a product

      2. UberSuggest - Compare search volumes

What I typically do is:

1) Go on Amazon for niche ideas

2) Look them up and compare them in Google Trends

3) Compare their search volume with Ubersuggest

This allows me to see and analyze potential niches so later I can search for my winning product.

2. Start preparing early

One of the biggest keys for success in Q4 is starting early.

If a holiday is coming up, you should start scaling ads early. This will allow you to take advantage of lower CPM’s, CPC’s etc.

We recommend this because advertising on the day of the holiday can get expensive. So when the holiday hits, rather than advertising to people who don’t know you, you can re-target your audience.

As a result, you will have lower CPM’s, while having a warmer audience you can convert.

If you want to get creative retargeting strategies, check out our most recent blog.

As a result, you can build up a large audience to re-target later.

3. Stack up on creatives

Scaling is the name of the game.

To have a successful Q4, you need to make sure you have the highest converting creatives.

This is where we come in and help!

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