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Imagine finding a winning product, starting to scale, but then… your store starts dying down.

There’s more competition and you can’t seem to scale anymore... You can still dropship saturated products… You just need to be unique.

Would I recommend doing it? No… But there’s a lesson you can learn to boost sales even further and dominate the competition. And so this leads to my first point.


Yes, yes, yes… You’ve seen this a hundred times. But you MUST repeat it over and over again! Too many times we’ve worked with someone who has had some success, but then it all started flopping.

Last week I had a dropshipper text me and ask me to look at their store. He had done $8,000 in 20 days and he wanted to scale.

The issue was, his ads were getting less and less profitable, no matter what he did…

We could look at his ads, his website and tamper with that… But there’s no point, if I don’t know what his competition are doing. And his position in the market.

We need to look at:

1) Pricing

2) The Offer

3) Ads

4) Landing page

And compare theirs with others.

What we found out… Was interesting. He was selling his product for $19.99, while his competitors were selling the same product for $14.99.

This leads me to the next point…

Build a better offer

Competing solely on price isn’t the smartest thing.

You need to build a better offer. There is a huge difference between a product and an offer. An offer consists of more moving parts.

So now here’s what we did. Instead of lowering the price and becoming average, we decided to do a Buy One, Get One Free promotion (at the same price point).

The result?

$4930 + in just ONE day!

We didn’t change the price, instead, we improved the value of the offer.

There are different ways to improve your offer:

- Money-back guarantees

- Gifts or Bonuses

- Discounts

- Faster shipping

Basically, anything that would make the consumer perceive more value for an offer.

What next?

Now that you’ve built a better offer, you can scale! And you know the number one reason, which prevents people from scaling… Ad fatigue.

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