Less Is More When It Comes To Shopify Apps

When beginning dropshipping it is important to not over complicate the process of the store creation. More often than not beginners who start a dropshipping business focus too much on little minute details rather than channeling that energy into doing the big things right. One easy way to over complicate the process is to overdo it with the apps, and that’s a bad idea. Here's why. 

Before you go crazy with apps you should know that page load speed is important for your store and going crazy with apps in the Shopify App Store will more than likely make your page load slower. This graphic we have made below can explain it better. 


When the store has many apps, it’s pulling data from multiple third party services and that makes a lag within the store's page load speed. When you only have a couple apps the store pulls data from the third party apps quicker. 


Now in the consumer age most do not have the patience to wait for a store to load. Especially when they can think of other options to buy whatever product you choose to sell. Getting someone to click on an ad is already a task in and off itself, so doing whatever you can to make the process as easy as possible is important for your bottom line. 


Now here is the pro tip you can use for this problem, if it fits your budget. Instead of overusing a variety of apps just compress all of those app functions into code by using one paid theme like Booster Theme or Shoptimized. What these themes do is they have a variety of App features already based within the code so it is streamlined and this results in faster page load time. You can check them out both by clicking the hyper links above!


At the end of the day, try to focus on leaning out your store, and using minimal apps because they more often than not complicate things. If it is the budget, check out a decent paid theme that fits your preferences.