Little Known Facebook Ads Hacks

Graphic created by Roundicons 

Facebook can be a tricky beast. While it’s an amazing platform we can use to scale, it can be tricky when it comes to customer support, feedback scores etc.

As almost any dropshipper, we’ve found and created a few little Facebook hacks anyone can use.

1) Comments on ads

Social proof is one of the most powerful aspects of human psychology. If we see others enjoying something, we assume we should enjoy it too.

That’s why encouraging or running engagement ads to get comments and can help boost the performance of an already winning ad.

There are other sneakier ways where you can pay to have comments written on Facebook ads, but that can be too risky.

2) Running ads from multiple pages

Feedback score singlehandedly can kill a winning store. That’s why one lifehack is to create and run ads from multiple Facebook pages.

That way if one of the pages has issues, you can switch to another one and continue to run ads without issues.

3) Review timeline

On the topic of feedback score, there is a way to push back when the feedback form gets sent out.

A low feedback score can literally double your CPA’s and kill profits.

That’s why you can set the deliver speed up to more than 3-6 weeks.

This setting will trigger Facebook to send the feedback score out later. 

Don’t pick the 8 week option as that will be a negative trigger to Facebook’s algorithm and they will send the feedback report out sooner (deliberately).

Hopefully these tricks help you scale your store! If you ever need to get winning ads for yourself, get your video ads from Viral Ecom Adz!

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