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Quite often successful dropshippers can face a troublesome tunnel vision. Times where there’s nothing else than work, work, and even more work.

It’s a double-edged sword. It helps you focus on the main store, the main product that’s working, but it can take you out of the loop.

Every now and then it's worth hitting the brakes a bit.


Look over what you have done and what you haven't.

These breaks will help you exit your phases of extreme tunnel vision, find gaps in your marketing, fulfillment, and other aspects of your business so you can come back and scale harder.

1. Do you know your competition?

Any good dropshipping store should know their competitors. It doesn’t mean you have to know everybody in your own niche, but you should look around.

Last week I did a call with the owner of a large women’s clothing store. We discussed their marketing strategies and they gave us ideas we wouldn’t have thought of before.

But of course, it’s worth seeing what your direct competition is doing. There might be a new trend happening. So you can go back to your store, find a new winning product, and add it as an upsell. (I’d recommend using the Honeycomb app for upsells).

You might audit their social media strategy and find great ideas for your ads or even your own organic marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can find your competitors easily

Go on Instagram and either open up your page or some of your biggest competitors’ pages.

Then click on the little arrow button. Then you will see a dozen recommendations.

Once you’ve found a handful of competitors, you can go to to view their ads.

Recap: Look at your competition, both in and out of your niche. Do small audits to gather

new ideas for your marketing, ads, website, and winning products.

2. Add Upsells to Your Store

Recently I was talking to an owner of a fitness digital product. In the past 2 years, they’ve done over $2,000,000 in sales.

The biggest issue they faced when selling digital products, their CPA was the same as the product’s price. (Even if they changed it).

So they came to a creative solution. 

They started using one-click upsells. Basically, once someone purchases a product, they’re redirected to another sales page. 

Then with one click, they can purchase an additional product.

This helped them raise their AOV from $47 to $97.

If such a simple tweak can make you more profit it’s almost irresponsible not to do it.

One great app to integrate one-click upsells is the Honeycomb upsell app.

It’s easy to set-up and it increases sales without you doing much work.

You might ask “What if I have a one-product store?”

You should still use upsells! Instead of selling them different products, you can sell them more units of the same product you were selling at a discount.

This is literally free money.

If you’re already profitable with your ads, these upsells can help you increase AOV effortlessly.

3. Test New Creatives

It’s true. Testing new creatives helps you scale. 

However, the big issue used to be that you had to:

  • Search for a videographer
  • Script the ads
  • Film new content
  • Find a video editor
  • Test the new ad

This process was not just slow, but quite frustrating.

Imagine spending 15+ hours and thousands on filming a few videos just to see them flop?


But now there’s a new and easier way for you to get new video ads. (Well, this is a blog on how you can scale by doing less).

This is where we come in.

We will create video ads for any product you want to sell.

All you have to do is fill out a simple form and wait 1-3 business days. Then BOOM! You have a new creative for your Facebook ads.

If you’ve already worked with us, you know how effortless this is.

If you haven’t… Scroll below and find your best suiting package!