Beat Any Competitor With Personalized SMS Marketing

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If you’re selling to Millennials and the Gen Z generation, SMS marketing is one of the best marketing channels to set up right after paid ads.

These generations spend upwards of 6h per day on their phones, so it’s safe to assume they’re highly likely to read texts. (And they do if you’ve ever tried SMS marketing).

So we’ve created this guide to help you recover more abandoned carts, gain astonishing back end profits and all in all boost sales!

With SMS you can:

1) Recover more abandoned carts

2) Improve customer experience

3) Boost customer lifetime value 

The Next Generation of SMS Marketing 

The old way of using SMS marketing is to send out mass blasts and try to get some sales that way. That’s the old way of SMS, but taking a personal & human approach is the new wave.

How many times have you gotten a basic text reminder about something - you might open the message, but would you actually read it? Would you take action?

You might, but the results are going to be far worse than they would have been had the message been personalized…

Or even a conversation.

Imagine you see a product online, you abandon the cart and within minutes you get a text message engaging you in a compelling conversation about the product you were interested in.

Helping you answer questions, giving you product suggestions and having a genuine, human conversation - rather than a cookie-cutter sales pitch!

Personalization is the new wave

It’s true, personalization is the new wave - it’s what gets attention, clicks and sales.

Restxre SMS Marketing is a cutting-edge SMS marketing tool focusing on personalization and generating an obscene ROI.

This is the only tool using humans to power real & authentic conversations that convert.


It’s what allows the Restxre SMS Marketing app to have such a high ROI.  They even guarantee a 7X+ ROI.

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Isn’t that quite the deal?

There’s no upfront cost - no financial risk!

Here’s how you can set it up!

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2) Install the app to your store

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Get Restxre's Paid Plan for FREE

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