How to turn any product into a winner in Q4 with this theme

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Selling online becomes simple once you optimize your site for conversion. However, the issue is most basic themes have limited features. Each app you install significantly reduces page load speed.

One-second delay in page load time will drop your conversion rate by 7%. This means that if your website drives $100,000 per day in sales, you could lose $2.5 million per year in lost conversions.”

- Trinity One

No matter how big or small your store is, page load time has a direct correlation on conversions. It’s even more apparent when running ads.

This is where Booster Theme come in.

Fast loading pages aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity

Here’s a comparison between booster themes (on the right) and Amazon (on the left).

You can see booster themes are able to achieve lightning quick page load times helping retain more attention and boosting conversions.

If you’re already getting a 2x ROAS, imagine what having a faster loading site could help! Could it bring your roas up to 2.5x? 3x?

High conversions could be the tipping point for you to break mild profitability and become a profit machine.

Here’s how Booster does it

Instead of installing dozens of apps to your side, instead booster has them hard coded into their themes.

This allows you not only to lower your page load time, but also to cut costs and increase conversions.

You’ll be able to:

Create urgency

1) Give discounts to people who are about to exit the site

2) Add countdown timers to boost conversions & get customers to the checkout faster

3) Show how many people are watching the product.

Get the ultimate cart page

1) Use only the best-looking & highest-converting designs

2) Get mobile optimized carts

3) Cart expiration timers

Increase trust

1) Built in facebook messenger chat

2) Built in sales notifications

Increase order value

1) Product upsell & cross-sell

2) Personalized recommendations

3) Recently seen section

And many other features.

Most of these features come at a hefty price (not including the damage they do by slowing down your site).

However with Booster Theme this is all included in their license. Use Code: "VEA20" for $20 off!

If you want to increase conversions and boost sales, get your booster theme now!

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