Top 3 Unsaturated Dropshipping Niches

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One of the easiest ways to generate tons of sales is to find an untapped niche you can market to. While this is hard to do, it’s not impossible. And we’ve created a blog showing you 5 unsaturated niches. And even better how you can find unsaturated niches yourself.

0. How To Find Unsaturated Niches

One of the easiest ways to find an unsaturated niche is to do “idea sex”. It’s when you take two seemingly unrelated and combine them.

For example: programmers and fitness. As a result you can create a course: Geek fit. It focuses on workout and how programmers specifically can become fit. 

You can do this with many niches and get tons of novel niches others haven’t thought about.

1. Foreign Markets

Lots of people are selling just to the United States. However there are opportunities on creating specific stores selling to foreign markets. For example, Mexico, Germany, Spain etc.

Those stores can use old winning products and you can repurpose them to a new market and scale. The way to stand out even more is to create and translate your store in the language of the country you’re selling to. This creates a higher barrier of entry which others aren’t ready to do.

2. Pick Sub Niches

One of the easiest ways to remove the competition is to pick sub niches. For example, if you sell basketball products, a sub niche for you would be products for people who want to improve their shooting skills.

In skincare this could be focusing on removing blackhead pimples or removing pimples on the back.

You can see how they’re oddly specific and they go deeper than the niche itself.

3. High Ticket

It’s true - high ticket products are less saturated. You don’t just see hundreds of people promoting $700 couches unlike with much cheaper products.

Granted the products need to be higher quality and you may need to start advertising with higher budgets, but this is a great niche to dive into.

If you’ve found an unsaturated niche - it’s time to start advertising!The key to having great ads is to have a great product and a great creative that converts.

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