Why Your Ads Don’t Work (And how to fix them)

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If you’ve been trying out dropshipping and haven’t had any luck - keep on reading as this blog can turn a store that’s losing money into a store that’s a wild winner.

Step 1: Start With The Offer

Most of the time if something isn’t working out, it isn’t because you have bad ads or a bad website. Most of the time it all starts with the offer.

An offer isn’t just the product itself - it’s what they get (the pricing, products etc.).

You may have a winning product on your hands but it may be hard to scale it due to high competition. The easy fix is to improve your offer. One of the ways you can do it is by trying out “Buy One, Get One Free”. With this offer you can inflate the price a bit and just add in another product.

For example, if your competitors are running product X at $24.99, you can test running two products for the same price or $29.99.

It may cut your margins a bit, but if you’re outselling your competition profitably - it’s worth it. Of course, the key here is to calculate your margin to make sure you aren’t losing money while running this offer.

If changing the offer works, but it isn’t profitable - try testing more variations, different price points etc.

In other cases if nothing just seems to be working, you may have to switch the product entirely

Step 2: Optimize Your Website

In cases where you are selling your product, but your conversion rate is low - your best bet is to improve the conversion rate.

The best ways to improve conversion are by:

- Improving page load speed

- Using a sticky add to cart button

- Keeping it simple (so they understand what they get as fast as possible)

Most of the time trying to go fancy and stand out isn’t the best option. We’ve seen dozens of new dropshippers start new stores and they try to create something fancy to stand out. Most of the time it just overcomplicates everything.

Keep it simple!

Step 3: Get New Winning Creatives

It’s true - if you’re running the same creatives as everyone else, you may not get any winning ads.

If your offer is nailed down and your website has a good conversion rate, the best way to beat your competition is by creating & testing new creatives so you and your competition aren’t running the same old ads.

If you get new creatives, you can make sure the old creatives don’t become stale and you can actually scale.

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