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It’s true, optimizing your site will improve sales.

A few simple tweaks can add from 0.2% to 0.7% to your site’s conversion rate. This can help a site go from earning $69,000/mo to $90,000/mo.

It’s harder than you think. There are many different people going to your site. Each one of them will think & act differently.

So if you want to increase sales, you need to appeal to each one of these personalities.

Did you know there are 16 different human personalities?

This means when you run traffic, there are 16 different types of people going to your site. They each see the world differently & perceive your product differently.

Some are more logical thinking, while others think emotionally. Some people have extroverted sensing while others are introverted. 

This means to maximize conversions, you need to appeal to all of these 16 personality types.

We’ve made this easy for you.

Here’s the 4 step checklist we use to maximize our results:

  • Practical

  • Emotional

  • Social

  • Actionable

1. Practial

When you’re creating your website or a product page, you need to show the practicality behind your product.

- Features

- Benefits

- Data (or Math)


- Risk Reversals (Satisfaction guarantees etc.)

- Proof

KEY: Based on your target audience/product you may need to change the sequencing. Sometimes you may need to start with practicality (features etc), while other times you need to start with emotion. If you’re selling an eyeliner, most of the time you would focus on the “Emotional” side. While when you’re selling safety boots - you need to showcase the practicality behind it.

For example, at Viral Ecom Adz, we showcase features like these.

2. Emotional

The simplest way to build emotion is to make them feel pain.

In my experience it’s creating a picture in their mind of where they’re at today and then drawing out where they want to be.

A → B

With this you need to make them feel that they need this product NOW! There is no time or need to wait - they have an opportunity right in front of their eyes and they must use it.

You can achieve this by:

1. Sharing a story

2. Showing how they could live a better life

3. Scarcity (Timers, Limited Stock)

4. Envy (Telling it’s the secret your neighbors use to become [Variable eg. fit]

For example, we can show you how we can build a short story creating emotion within you: 

“Story / Show how their life could be better: Creating new creatives is hard. I mean you’re already spending hours at the computer screen running Facebook ads, managing your team, optimizing the site… Just the thought of creating a new video ad makes you feel overwhelmed…

We’re here to make your life easier. Just purchase a video editing package, submit a form and get a new proven-to-convert video ad in just 1-3 business days!

Scarcity: But as you know Black Friday is coming up and we'll start to get a lot more orders. If you want to get your creative right in time to scale, you need to order today!

Envy: Don’t let your competitors steal your customers by scaling their stores before you do. Order your video ad today!”

Did you feel the pain in the first paragraph… The relief in the second… Urgency in the third and envy in the fourth?

If you did, you’re probably hyped and ready to buy the product now.

But logic & emotion alone won’t make your sales peak.

3. Social

Humans are social animals. Our brains have a built-in need to follow the crowd.

That’s why social proof is a MUST in any site or a product page.

Here’s how you can build the social aspect of your site:

- Show Proof

- Sales Pop-Ups

- Social Media Following

Simply by adding a testimonial section to your site, it can help build proof that people like the product they receive.

In our case, we’re trusted and used by big names in Dropshipping, like Hyden Bowles, Sebastian Ghiorghiu, J Rich and others. 

We can use this social proof in our sites, in our ads and emails to show people that most dropshippers are using us to create video ads.

This makes them trust us more and increases our conversion rate.

You can build social proof in many ways. Even if you have social media pages or videos that have gotten a lot of views/likes/followers, you can include screenshots in your site, showing how viral you are.

4. Actionable

If you’ve read our blog on writing winning ad copies, you know the AIDA principle.

This last step is going to be very similar to the last step of any great ad copy: Action.

If you’ve built rapport with someone or made them feel an emotional connection, you need to give them a clear call to action.

  • What to do

  • Where to go

This can be as simple as: “Just click the button below and order today”

But this simplicity works.

5. Bonus Tip: Write In Grade 4 level

You don’t need to try to be smart. Simple copy works the best.

This goes against EVERYTHING we’ve been taught in schools. Nobody wants to read bloated text with words they can barely understand.

That’s why it’s best to try to make your text as simple as possible.

Now I don’t want to get all political, but Trump is a great example at using simple language to move audiences. His speeches are rated at a grade 4 reading level.

This doesn’t make him or his listeners dumb. It just makes his messages easy to understand.

If you call someone “incompetent” we can’t recal that many memories to visualize those words. Hoever, when you use simpler words, in this case “stupid” it builds a much more emotional feeling, while giving a clearer message.

If you want to make sure the text you write is easy to understand and read, you should use the Hemmingway Editor.

It’s a free online tool that will analyze your text and show you the most important data.

Here’s how this blog post is rated!

We practice what we preach ;)

Writing at such simple level doesn't mean that the target audience is dumb. In reality it makes your message clear & easy to understand. 

People don't have the time to spend hours reading research-paper like copy.

Keep it simple and rock on!

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